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In the words popularised by Stephen Covey, but widely attributed in the 1940s to Edith Wharton, we are caught “in the thick of thin things”. The critical need of the church today is for spiritual depth and authenticity. In ministering to diverse churches around the world, I have found that a widespread problem of the church today is superficial discipleship and shallow teaching.

Christians are compulsively busy with too many programmes. Doing supersedes being. Accomplishment supersedes authenticity. Goals supersedes growth. The church is more engaged in directing her programmes than in discipling her people.

Superficiality and shallowness define our present age.

We need to return to the depths of the Word of God. We need to return to biblical Christ-centred discipleship, where following after Jesus and intentional disciple-making goes beyond mere rhetoric.

One of the ways this can be done is to intentionally invest a portion of your life to the internship training offered by the IDMC (Intentional Disciple-making Church) Institute.

IDMC Institute

Over a decade ago, I shared in my first book, Built to Last (2001):

“I dream of a vibrant healthy church, a biblically-functioning community that becomes a center for world-class internship and leadership development. I see Covenant EFC as the spawning ground for thousands of Christian leaders all over the world.

I see nations sending their pastors and lay-leaders to be equipped here. I see us complementing the seminaries in the early decades of the 21st Century.

I see us sending out ministry teams to equip leaders in diverse places, especially in the vital arenas of authentic discipleship, intentional disciple-making and effective leadership development.”

The IDMC Institute is a strategic realisation of this compelling vision!

At the IDMC Institute, we seek to develop disciple-mentors of a certain kind. These are Christ-mastered disciples and mentors of spiritual depth, ready to serve the Lord as authentic disciples and intentional disciple-makers in the local church, the working world (marketplace) and in global missions.

These disciple-mentors are tutored in a posture of meekness and brokenness, oriented in the perspective of wisdom and principle-centred living grounded in Scriptures, honed in pragmatics (skills) to minister effectively, and show evidence of power as Spirit-empowered disciples of Christ.

As the network of Global Alliance of IDMCs grows, we desire to see IDMC Institute contribute significantly as a catalyst to this movement. IDMC Institute is well-placed to play a key role in promoting disciple-making in local churches on a global platform. We stand ready to serve the wider body of Christ worldwide.

The resident faculty of the IDMC Institute are seasoned pastors, leaders and mentors who share the vision of “returning the church to its disciple-making roots through authentic discipleship and intentional disciple-making, so as to reproduce disciples of ‘a certain kind’ and to multiply them to win the world for Christ.” They not only embrace the vision but they embody the values as well.

I therefore enthusiastically commend to you the IDMC Institute!

In his book The Nature of Managerial Work, Henry Mintzberg wrote: “Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it.” You cannot learn to swim via a correspondence course!

In the same way, you cannot learn to be disciple-mentors who are refreshingly deep in the Word by simply reading about it. Join the inspired learning community at the IDMC Institute.

It’s time to swim to the deeper end!

Rev Edmund Chan

Rev Edmund Chan
Leadership Mentor, Covenant EFC
Founder, IDMC Global Alliance

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