Workplace Discipleship

Workplace Discipleship

How can I best serve God in church, family and work? How can I discover my unique mission in life? How can I manage wealth in a God-pleasing way? How can I be a good steward of my life?

Many of us often wonder how we can practice Authentic Discipleship and Intentional Disciplemaking at the workplace. Some question if this is even possible.

The good news is that we aren’t alone on this journey!

Join us at the IDMC Institute's Workplace Discpleship Seminars and learn what God has in store for us at the workplace! We’ll explore these questions about ministry, vocation, wealth investments, and much more. Gain biblical perspectives and discern competing non-biblical perspectives which can influence your emotions and actions.

Theology of Ministry - Serving Others in Christ's Name in Family, Marketplace, and Church

We follow a Jesus who said “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give His life a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45). Secure in their heavenly Father's love, followers of Jesus must also be committed to a life of ministry.

This seminar will look at our call to be sons/ daughters of God who serve others in Jesus's Name. Since service cannot be abstract knowledge only, we will examine how we are to serve others in the three key areas of church, family and work. Our goal is to to face God one day and hear "well done good and faithful servant" (Matthew 25:23)

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Tan Soo-Inn
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Vocation - Discovering God’s Calling for Your Life

Our first call is to follow Christ, to focus not on our calling but the Caller. Yet because God made all of us unique, each with our mix of strengths and burdens, we desire to discover our unique life mission.

This seminar will present the biblical teaching on calling and give practical guidelines as to how we can discover our calling. We want to know our calling because we want to be good stewards of our lives for His glory and to be a better blessing to others.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Tan Soo-Inn
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MoneyWise Christians - How to Let Purpose & Wisdom Drive Money Decisions

As a Christian, have you always wanted to manage wealth in a God-pleasing way? Have you looked to Scripture for guidance? While Scripture has much to say about money, are you able to live out those truths in a practical way? How can you build your wealth wisely to provide for your family and your desired lifestyle? If you would like answers to these questions, we invite you to join us.

Speaker: Christopher Tan
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Life Stewardship - Living the Responsible Life

One of the realities of life in Singapore is that we are constantly busy and tired. We are constantly aware that we are behind in all the things we think we should do.

This seminar will provide a biblical and practical approach to manage our lives in such a way that we experience God's shalom in the midst of our busyness. The answer lies in returning to the Father for our deepest needs and for wisdom as to how we can be faithful stewards of the roles He has entrusted to us. We will also look at the need to live in a biblical rhythm of hard work and Sabbath.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Tan Soo-Inn
Next schdule TBD

Partnership - Boomers & Millennials Serving Together

We live in an interesting time in history where the two largest generations, Boomers (born 1944 - 1964) and Millennials (born 1980 - 1994) grew up with different key formative experiences. As a result the two generations often struggle to understand each other. Our vision for the church, indeed for life, is intergenerational. Each generation have different strengths to bring to the table. Yet for that to happen they need to understand each other.

This seminar will seek to help Boomers and Millennials and indeed other generations, understand each other so that they can serve each other and serve the Lord together.

Speaker: Rev. Dr. Tan Soo-Inn
Next schdule TBD

Faculty Bio

Tan Soo-InnRev. Dr. Tan Soo-Inn is the director of Graceworks, a ministry committed to promoting spiritual friendship in church and society. Since 1985, he has been journeying with people through his ministry of preaching/teaching, writing and mentoring.

Originally trained as a dentist at the University of Singapore, he answered God’s call to go into full-time church-related ministry in 1981 and obtained his Master of Theology from Regent College, Vancouver, Canada, in 1984. In 2006, he obtained his Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, California. He has served as the lead pastor of two churches and as the executive leader of a major para-church ministry.

His passions include connecting the Word of God to the struggles of daily life, and the mentoring of emerging leaders. He wants to do fresh thinking on the meaning of discipleship and what it means for the 21st century. He lectures a 12-week course on Vocation, Work and Ministry at the Biblical Graduate School of Theology, Singapore.

He has been a supporter of Arsenal Football Club since 1971 and his favourite movie is Star Wars 4.

Christopher TanChristopher Tan is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Providend Ltd as well as Executive Director of MoneyOwl Pte Ltd. He has more than two decades of experience in the wealth management and financial planning industry.

Christopher is a Certified Financial Planner and a member of the Financial Planning Association of Singapore. He sat on the Management Committee of Securities Investors Association (Singapore) (SIAS) from 2009 to 2017 and was appointed by the Singapore Government to be part of the CPF Advisory Panel in 2014. Christopher was awarded First Prize for the Financial Adviser Representative of the Year by Asia Financial Planning Journal in 2005 and the prestigious Most Promising Entrepreneur Award by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards in 2009.

He is often featured in broadcast and print media for his expert opinion on financial matters and is an internationally sought-after speaker, counting the CFA Institute Annual Conference and MoneySENSE among his speaking engagements.

Christopher holds a Bachelor of Financial Services Degree with honours from the National University of Ireland and a Master of Business Administration Degree from University of Warwick.

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