FAQs - One Year Internship

Who can enroll for IDMC Institute's (IDMCi) One-year Internship Program? Is it just for CEFC members?

IDMCi is for all Christians who desire to follow Jesus Christ as authentic disciples and desire to be effective disciple-makers in obedience to His Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Its predecessor, Evangelical Theological Centre (ETC), was originally started to equip members of CEFC and the Evangelical Free Church denomination in Singapore in discipleship. Today, all who desire to be part of the IDMC global movement – to return the church to its disciple-making roots – are welcome to enroll in IDMCi.

What tracks are offered and do you accept foreign applications?

  • All 3 tracks : Marketplace (MKT), Missions (MSN), Ministry (MIN) and Only Local Singapore based students are accepted for the one-year internship
  • We accept short term overseas visitors (overseas) if applicants already have the relevant passes to stay in Singapore (Not possible for IDMCi at this stage to apply for foreign student passes)

How much does it cost?

  • Programme A interns who are CEFC members do not pay.
  • Programme B trainees pay $1000 for the whole 12 months of training (Additional expenses include Breakthrough weekends, retreats, IDMC Conference and short-term mission trip).
  • Visiting students pay only for the modules they take (e.g., $80 for an 8-week module and $40 for a 4-week module).
Note: Scholarships are NOT available.

What is the difference between Programme A and Programme B Student?

  • We encourage all Interns to benefit from the full curriculum (classes & assignments, ministry attachments, mentoring, staff devotion, table talks, QC, BTW, Silent Retreat, Short Term Mission trips, serving on Sunday, etc.)
  • Programme A Interns are open only to members of Covenant EFC. They have to be committed to the full programme. Course fees and participation in IDMCi activities are supported by the Institute. Interns follow the 5-day schedule of Covenant Staff.
  • Programme B Interns are non-members of Covenant and/or friends from other churches. They have to be committed to attend at least the Basic Program. Program B interns self-fund the course fees and any other IDMCi activities and training.
  • Programme B Basic Program includes Classes and assignments, mentoring, all Table Talks, Staff Devotions and QC, Breakthrough Weekend, Silent Retreat, IDMC Conference, and Short-term Mission Trip.

What are the application processes and various timelines?

  • There will be a number of IDMCi Intro Session throughout the year, where more detailed information on the one-year internship will be shared. You can register here.
    • Venue: ACK Centre (2 Kallang Ave, CT Hub #10-26)
  • Application forms must be submitted by 31 Oct of the current year. You can either:
  • There will be an interview with the Principal of IDMCi – In Nov.
  • We will endeavour to confirm decision of acceptance by late November / early December.
  • Schedule of classes will be sent by late December.

What if I am unsure of my calling?

  • While some Christians are called to full time Christian vocation and full time overseas mission, the vast majority of Christians are called to full time marketplace work. IDMCi's vision is to develop authentic disciples of spiritual depth ready for intentional disciple making in their respective spheres of influence through experiential learning and relationships. 
  • Consider IDMCi if you believe God is calling you to take a 12-month pause, get yourself equipped (inside out – this is not just about ministry skills; rather the emphasis is first and foremost, deepening your relationship with God) and using this time to seek the Lord for your future calling

Which track should I sign up for?

  • If you are keen to pursue a full time Christian vocation with a local church – MIN track
  • If you are called to a mission field – MSN Track
  • If you believe your calling is at the marketplace or business – MKT track
  • If you are unsure of A or B, we encourage you to go for A and seek confirmation during the year
  • If you are unsure of MIN or MKT, we encourage you to go for A for MIN assignment + emphasis modules for MKT
Note: MSN Track is ONLY for members of Covenant EFC.

a.       If you are keen to pursue a full time Christian vocation with a local church – MIN track

b.       If you are called to a mission field – MSN Track

c.       If you believe your calling is at the marketplace or business – MKT track

d.       If you are unsure of A or B, we encourage you to go for A and seek confirmation during the year

e.       If you are unsure of A or C, we encourage you to go for A for MIN assignment + emphasis modules for MKT

Duration of track?

  • All tracks will have a common 12 months of core curriculum
  • MIN – a total of 12 months core curriculum and ministry assignment
  • MSN – up to 18 months of which 12 months core curriculum and upon mutual assessment of readiness at the end of 12 months, another 3-6 months missions attachment
  • MKT – a total of 12 months core curriculum and marketplace emphasis modules might be conducted in the evening/Saturdays
  • Starts first week of Jan 2020 and ends mid Dec

When does the term in 2020 start and what if I can’t join by the starting date?

The 2020 term starts Friday, 3rd January 2020.

If you are unable to join us at the start of the term, there is some flexibility but we do need to review on a case by case basis
We generally encourage students to come in right from the beginning as we want them to progress with the cohort together; IDMCi is all about the whole experience with the whole cohort.

What curriculum is covered under each track?

For more information on what modules are covered under each track, click here

Who are the faculty?

For more information on our faculty, click here

Where are lessons conducted? What is my daily routine?

  • Lessons will be conducted at ACKCentre: 2 Kallang Avenue, #10-26, CT HUB, Singapore 339407.
  • If you are a Program A Intern , you are basically following office hours from 8.30-5.30pm; Tuesday is Sabbath while Sunday is a work day. There might be regular Saturday night ministry if assigned to the TNG ministry or Wednesday night if assigned to IDT ministry.
  • What does a typical week look like? Here is a guide:





Staff devotion

Interns community time and personal study time




Personal study time / Table talks / Classroom session

Personal study time / Meeting with mentor

Ministry Time (where applicable)

Classroom session

Classroom session


Classroom session

Classroom session

Covenant Group


Personal study / Processing time

Ministry preparation time where needed


Worship Service / Ministry duties

What are the ministry assignments? Who are the mentors?

  • MIN assignment: at this point in time, we are unable to specify the assignments for the MIN track. As a process, we will first understand from the various ministries in church their ministry's plan for the next 2-3 years and resource needs. During interview we would also find out from potential interns their ministry preference. We would attempt to match needs with intern's preference unless the SPO provides a different burden. Your mentor would likely be the Pastor of the ministry you are assigned to (though this is not always possible)
  • MSN assignment: The significant assignment is the 3-6 month field attachment. During the 12 month course term itself, MSN Interns are responsible for mission week organising, weekly involvement with cross cultural mission fellowships e.g., Indonesian fellowship, Home Missions, etc) and participating in overseas BTW. Your mentor would likely be experienced missionaries (attending Covenant, if at all possible)
  • MKT assignment: This is a relatively new track and we are still exploring and learning the appropriate assignments for each batch.

I am not sure if I should go for theological seminary or IDMCi

  • IDMCi's unique calling is to develop disciple-mentors; hence our focus is very much on growing as an
    • Authentic disciple - OT classes, NT classes, Book studies, IDMC Modules like ACK, etc.
    • Intentional disciple maker – BHR (counselling), Homiletics (preaching), Prayer, Mentoring for Roots & Wings (facilitation), etc.
    • Through Experiential learning - STM, BTW, Silent Retreat, etc.
    • and Relationships - Mentoring relationships, Ministry assignments, etc.
  • If you are aligned with IDMCi vision and also is seriously considering further theological seminary studies, IDMCi is a good first step as it does help to prepare one for seminary
  • Having said that, you might want to consult with our pastors who have done both.

What preparation should I do prior to joining?

  • Understand your motivation for coming on as a full time intern.
  • Seek the Lord for the most appropriate posture

What if I am unable to commit to the basic program?

You may consider participating as a Visiting Student on a per module basis. For more information on modules you can sign up for, click here

I heard about Bi-VOC – what is it and how is it related to IDMCI?

What happened to ETC?

ETC has grown to become IDMCi and its core curriculum and training philosophy - which served us so well – have been incorporated into the revamped and updated curricula of the three tracks of IDMCi.

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CT HUB, Singapore 339407

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